45 Church Street
Royal London

45 Church Street
provides a Grade 'A' specification building that
offers true occupational flexibility and efficiency.

Prestigious location

Highly visible building

Imposing corner entrance – Church Street/Cornwall Street

Panoramic city views

Double height reception

Good levels of natural light

Scenic lifts with views across the city

High quality finishes

Floor to ceiling height 2.8m

Raised floors


Minimal internal columns maximises internal space

Typical 10,000 sq ft floor plates

Terrace at levels 3 and 10

Specification Gallery

Energy Performance - Click here to download EPC PDF.

Detailed Specification


The building provides a total net internal area of 124,000 sq ft together with 40 car parking spaces located in the basement.



Floor loading of 4 kN/m2 + 1kN/m2 for all floors plus approximately 5% of each floor strengthened to allow up to 7.5 kN/m2.



Glass Façades
Double glazed thermally broken sealed units incorporating tinted solar control offering an externally frameless appearance to the corner tower element. A glazed framed curtain walling screen is provided to the rear of the scenic lifts allowing views out from above third floor.



High quality natural stone floor finishes.
Feature ceiling to double-height space.

Office Floors
Fully encapsulated raised access floors with floor layout based on 600 x 600 mm grid in office areas.
Raised access floor depth of 150 mm overall.

Office Ceilings
Fully accessible lay-in grid suspended ceiling 600 mm x 600 mm pre-finished white perforated metal ceiling tiles.
The ceilings are co-ordinated with the structural grid to provide an integrated ceiling, capable of accepting either open plan or cellular offices.



Design Criteria
The mechanical services system including heating, cooling and fresh air requirements via fan coil units are based on the following design criteria. The system is based upon an open plan layout with the flexibility to accommodate cellularisation.

External Conditions


28˚C dry bulb
20˚C wet bulb


-3.5˚dry bulb
-3.5˚wet bulb

Internal Conditions

Offices and lift lobby


21˚C + 1.5˚C


22˚C + 1.5˚C

Reception, Staircases and Toilets



(plus local heating to reception desk)

Fresh Air Supply and Ventilation Rates


1.6 l/s m2 net lettable
1 person per 10m2 of net lettable space


10 air changes per hour extract minimum

Car Park

6 air changes per hour extract
10 air changes per hour extract
(for smoke removal)

Noise Criteria
The mechanical installation is designed to achieve NR38 within open plan office areas.

Comfort Cooling Systems
The comfort cooling system is based on ceiling mounted four-pipe fan coil units. Each fan coil unit is fitted with independent controls to give complete autonomy. Fresh air ventilation is introduced into the space via the fan coil units and is extracted from the ceiling void.

Heating System
The building heating requirements are met by high efficiency low Nox gas fired boilers located in the plantroom, serving a low pressure hot water system selected to incorporate an overload capacity of 20%.

Cooling Systems
Cooling to fan coil units is provided by a chilled water distribution system connected to roof top air‑cooled chillers via the service risers and branch connections/pipework in the ceiling voids.

Building Management System
The building is controlled and monitored by a building management system incorporating distributed intelligent outstations controlling main plant items.



Electrical Supply
A metered high voltage supply is provided by the Local Statutory Authority into a switch-room in the basement with distribution by under floor busbars to all office floors.

Lighting levels achieved are as follows:-


400 lux

Common areas

150 lux


30 lux

Car Park

150 lux

100 lux on access routes/ramps. Illumination levels are maintained average.
Areas with special treatment include; entrance lobby, foyer and reception area where lux levels may vary accordingly.

Five 17-person passenger lifts are provided in the main core and grouped together.
Four of the lifts are glazed and the remaining solid lift has the capacity to serve as a goods lift.
Two of the five lifts serve the basement.